Custom Photographic / Digital Imaging Services
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Welcome to Photographic Techniques.  We were established in 1989 to serve the Professional, Commercial, Industrial
Photographer and Photo Enthusiast.   

Our goal is to deliver quality services at competitive rates with quick turnaround time to our ustomers.  Our expansive list of
services helps ensure that we can meet most, if not all of our customers needs
                                                                      Please read before uploading
Due to the amount of orders uploaded and not picked up and paid for, we will not process any orders until payment is made.  if a credit card is not on
file with us, you can call with a card number or you will be sent a pay pal invoice via email.  you do not need to be a paypal member and there are no
extra charges.

We can accept files from most popular media, through internet email or our internet dropbox.  

multiple files can be uploaded at the same time if all files are put in the same
Zipped Folder.  otherwise individual files can be uploaded 10 at a time.

to keep transfer time to a minimum,  jpg's are recommended over tiff

Files or folders having hyphens or spaces in the filename will not upload.

after files are attached, be sure to click the upload file button to begin transfer.  after uploads are completed, you will see a "successful file upload"
confirmation dialog box

Remember to enter into the comments box, the sizes and quantities desired for each file, otherwise we cannot process your order.

upon entering your email address in the form, an email will automatically be sent to us notifying us of your order.

an email will also automatically be sent to you notifying you that we received your files.

files or folders may also be uploaded to our public FTP site.   You will need an FTP file transfer program.  There are many available shareware,
freeware and for pay programs available on the Internet for download  .Call or email to request a username and password.  

Established regular  customers can request their own private upload folder.   

When  uploading through FTP, please include a text file in the upload or send an email to stating sizes and quantities desired for each file.   
We have moved to a new location.  Our new address is 4636 FM 1960 Road West. located just west of  Veterans Memorial /
Steubner Airline Drive.  Fed Ex is the anchor in the center, we are located a few doors up from them.
Digital Prints are produced on standard photographic paper from ZBE Corporation's award winning Chromira LED digital printer with their
proprietary "resolution enhancement technology."    Images have an apparent resolution of 425 ppi, while many other digital printers are
in the 200 - 300 ppi range.  Unlike inkjet prints that use inks that can smudge and fade, there is no "dot pattern."  Images are sharp,
vibrant continuous tone reproductions of your digital files for enlargements up to 30 inches wide.  

True photographic paper is the proven method for recording images for the longest lasting image.  Also, to ensure optimum life of your
prints, we use the traditional RA-4 process that uses water to wash and eliminate processing chemicals as opposed to eliminating the
water bath and substitute a "rinse" chemical like many other processors use.

we do not use auto correct software.  all files are individually corrected by skilled technicians
Free shipping on orders totaling over $50  

Does not apply to orders containing mounted prints larger than 16x20
or gallery wraps larger than 11x14